Our Board of Directors

François Ravenelle, PhD

François Ravenelle, PhD Founder & CEO, Inversago Pharma

Dr. Ravenelle is championing the comeback of cannabinoid receptor-1 (CB1) blockers at Inversago Pharma Inc. An entrepreneur with 16 years of industrial R&D experience,  his background includes pharmaceutical development from discovery through NDA approval.

Jamie Stiff, BSc, MBA

Jamie Stiff, BSc, MBA Managing Director, Genesys Capital

Mr. Stiff is Managing Director at Genesys Capital, a life science focused venture firm. Over his career, he has been responsible for investments in several early stage portfolio companies that cross a multitude of clinical disciplines and technology areas.

Maxime Ranger, PhD, MBA

Maxime Ranger, PhD, MBA General Partner, AmorChem

Dr. Ranger is a General Partner at AmorChem, an early-stage venture capital fund specialized in life science.  As a serial entrepreneur in the biotech industry, his expertise includes drug development across a range of therapeutic indications including oncology, hepatology, gastroenterology and metabolic conditions, such as NASH, Prader-Willi Syndrome, type-2 diabetes and obesity.  Dr. Ranger is a co-author of 30+ scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals.

Our Scientific Advisory Board

George Kunos, MD, PhD

George Kunos, MD, PhD Inventor, Key Opinion Leader in the Field of CB1

Dr. Kunos received his MD from Semmelweis University (gold medalist) in Budapest, Hungary, and a Ph.D. in pharmacology from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, in Mark Nickerson’s lab. He was recruited to the NIH as Laboratory Chief at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), where he currently serves as Scientific Director and Chief of the Laboratory of Physiologic Studies. His laboratory’s work on endocannabinoids led to the development of Inversago’s peripherally-restricted CB1 inverse agonists/antagonists, which in rodent models have potent antiobesity and antidiabetic effects, but are devoid of behavioral side effects. Dr. Kunos is an elected Fellow of the American Heart Association and a foreign member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Christine McCarthy, MD

Christine McCarthy, MD Associate Partner, Alacrita Consulting and Acting Chief Medical Officer of Inversago Pharma

Dr. McCarthy is a world expert in clinical development for metabolic disease.  Over her career in large pharma, she has been responsible for several late stage clinical development programs including having worldwide responsibility for Sanofi’s Phase III program for Rimonabant, the only approved CB1 obesity / diabetes / dyslipidemia drug.  Dr. McCarthy has also been part of the strategy and innovation team of Sanofi R&D, a group responsible for scientific and medical due diligence part of the in-licensing process of assets from biopharma or major Rx companies. In this role, she conducted in-depth reviews of numerous projects at different stages of development, including small molecules, insulins, peptides, monoclonal antibodies and drug-device combinations. She received her medical degree and her specialty in rheumatology at hospital Saint Antoine Paris, France.